From Pluto to D.C. to Silicon Valley: A Busy Week For Vulcan Aerospace


From Pluto to D.C. to Silicon Valley: A Busy Week For Vulcan Aerospace


Planes, spaceships and automobiles—that’s been the past week for Vulcan Aerospace.
Standing shoulder to shoulder with the NASA science team in Laurel, Md. to the outskirts of our galaxy…albeit remotely, the Vulcan Aerospace team has seemingly been everywhere.  While major news from the company is on the horizon, the team remains busy laying the groundwork for the future of their NextSpace vision.  

Pluto / Laurel, Maryland

Though Vulcan Aerospace doesn’t get the frequent flyer miles, a piece of SpaceShipOne tagged along for the three billion and change ride to Pluto. SpaceShipOne, funded by Vulcan Aerospace’s chairman and founder Paul G. Allen, the first privately-funded spacecraft to reach space, offered the company a unique opportunity. As NASA’s New Horizons probe passed by Pluto Tuesday, company President Chuck Beames and Systems Development Director Cassie Lee saw space history from Laurel, Maryland. Beames below after the historic flyby. 


Washington D.C.

A quick drive to the nation’s capital took the Vulcan Aerospace team to the Future Space Leaders Conference. On Thursday, Beames joined other experts on a panel to discuss “wicked cool space technology” that is poised to transform the space industry. A core component of the company’s NextSpace strategy, Beames touched on how Vulcan Aerospace is utilizing and investing in these technologies to develop a space market.  
Silicon Valley
The next day and a cross-country trip later, Vulcan Aerospace landed in Silicon Valley for the NewSpace Conference. One of the main topics of discussion at the conference was making access to space less expensive, something that Vulcan Aerospace is trying to capitalize through the development of Stratolaunch. The first step in NextSpace for Vulcan Aerospace, Stratolaunch, will serve as a more flexible and less expensive way to transport goods and payloads into space. Vulcan was not only a sponsor of this panel but participated as well. Video from the panel below.

From the east coast to the west coast to the furthest reaches of our galaxy, Vulcan Aerospace is piloting toward the future of space exploration. This future called NextSpace is one where mobile launch systems, massive planes and space markets will help anyone go on the ultimate roadtrip.   



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