Only at Vulcan: Cheering for Elephants and Seahawks


Only at Vulcan: Cheering for Elephants and Seahawks


Only at Vulcan can you be working on launching the largest pan-African elephant census while a co-worker nearby is revolutionizing space transportation. For some, juggling remarkable and different projects like these is just a part of their everyday job.

We cheer as much for Seahawks and Trail Blazers as we do when a landmark brain paper is published as a result of research from the Allen Institute for Brain Science because we’re connected to them all.

The endless possibilities of the world have always fascinated and inspired Vulcan’s founder and Chairman Paul Allen. In his ventures, whether technology, philanthropy or investments, he begins with the same stage-setting questions: What should exist, but doesn’t yet? What can be created to help meet a need? Who are the experts? How can we enlist them to join? This is what drives Allen and subsequently Vulcan toward finding solutions that help tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.


At Vulcan this means blurring the boundaries of technologies and disciplines to galvanize breakthroughs. To help stop the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, for example, employees throughout Vulcan and across all the Allen-owned assets embarked in an all-out blitz to find a way to end the crisis. Scientists from Allen Institute for Brain Science researched potential vaccines and new medical technologies, while the Vulcan Innovation Labs developed, installed, and shipped 10,000 phones with mobile software to help health-care workers on the ground track the virus. 

But it’s not just the projects that make Vulcan unique, it’s the people. The company’s mission, along with its diversity, brings in some of the world’s best and brightest. Like the teams he owns, Allen understands the importance of a well-rounded staff. And while the ideas, technologies and programs born at Vulcan don't always mature beyond adolescence, the company isn’t afraid to take chances knowing that the lessons learned lay the foundations for the next inspiration. This is the structure designed to forge the best team and guarantees the best results. 


"Only at Vulcan" is the mantra that relects the organization's unique opportunies. Employees are regularly invited to exclusive movie nights at Allen’s Seattle Cinerama to catch the latest blockbuster with family and friends. Speakers and leading experts are brought in to teach and inspire employees. Company events are tailored to celebrate all of the varied interests of Paul Allen and the people who help bring his ideas to life -- even Super Bowl-bound teams!

Vulcan isn’t just a place where people work, its is a place where people connect with their passions, and Only at Vulcan represents that experience. Transforming big ideas into solutions is no easy task, but we seek to ensure our impact is far greater than the challenges faced along the way.

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