Paul G. Allen Receives Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy


Paul G. Allen Receives Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy


On Thursday, October 15, Vulcan founder and chairman, Paul G. Allen, received the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy at a private ceremony at the New York Public Library.

Allen was among eight other recipients of a medal this year, which honors individuals "who dedicate private wealth to the public good."  

Allen was selected by a committee based on his work to fight Ebola, research the human brain, protect the oceans and save endangered species. 

Fighting Ebola

Last year, when the Ebola epidemic threatened to engulf western Africa, his generous pledge—the world’s largest—kept emergency relief flowing and helped spark a bigger, faster global response. Learn More>>

Research the Human Brain

Research at the Allen Institute for Brain Science has helped accelerate neuroscience advances aimed at treating traumatic brain injuries, dementia and paralysis. The Institute is sharing its discoveries with researchers everywhere—an innovative, open approach designed to accelerate a range of medical breakthroughs. Learn More>>

Protect the Oceans

Allen is working to help save the world’s oceans by strengthening surveillance of illegal fishing boats that are strip-mining seas, funding research to counter ocean acidification, and educating chefs and consumers about sustainable seafood. Learn More>>

Wildlife Conservation

By marrying technology development with philanthropic interests, Allen is working to address the trafficking of endangered species and ensure stable or thriving generations of wild animals. Learn More>>



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