As a consistent supporter of environmental stewardship, Vulcan Inc was proud to sponsor of the 2014 Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference. The conference brought a large number of conservation and ecological groups together for four days of idea sharing and presentations focused on the area that includes Puget Sound. You can read the full abstracts and posters from each group on the conference website.

Wade Davis at Salish Sea conferenceRaechel Waters, Senior Project Developer, Oceans, at Vulcan’s Philanthropic Initiatives, introduced the conference keynote delivered by the world-renowned anthropologist, Wade Davis. Davis, an Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society has been named one of the “Explorers of the Millennium” and has been described as “a rare combination of scientist, scholar, poet, and passionate defender of all of life’s diversity.”

Davis’ presentation at the Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference: “The Sacred Headwaters,” highlighted his experiences in British Columbia and his interactions with the indigenous inhabitants of the land that is the source of three rivers, the Skeena, Nass, and Stikine. Davis, a native of British Columbia, describes the First Nations' struggles with encroaching mining operations and industrial proposals while observing the conflict between worldviews that see the same natural phenomena and resources in radically different ways.

You can watch an abbreviated version of his lecture on Davis's website

Also at the conference, Spencer Reeder, a senior project developer with Vulcan's Philanthropic Initiatives, previewed the Northwest Chapter of the National Climate Assessment. Reeder was lead author for the coastal section of the chapter and shared findings from recent research on ocean acidification, sea level rise, and range of other climate related impacts already affecting the coastal communities and ecosystems of the Northwest.

Vulcan's Raechel Waters also co-chaired a session at the conference titled “Campaigns for Engagement” that highlighted effective public campaigns and identified elements for successful engagement to support action. 

Vulcan Inc. is proud to sponsor conversations like these designed to inform the public and promote responsible stewardship of oceans, lands, and ecosystems. Through sponsorships of likeminded programs and conferences, investment in clean technology, and dedication to sustainable development, Vulcan is passionate about creating a better world.


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