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Vulcan is developing solutions to address some of the world’s toughest challenges – from protecting Africa’s elephants to bringing reliable power and connectivity to underserved areas.

Here are some recent examples of the projects and products we are developing:


Vulcan EarthRanger is a software platform that collects information on activity in a protected area -- the animals and assets being protected, the rangers protecting them, and threats or potential poaching -- into a single, integrated, real-time visualized operational platform. With EarthRanger, Protected Area Management can more quickly analyze and proactively interdict poaching activity.

Here are some of the challenges we are solving cutting-edge technology:

  • Create a single operational picture for a protected area with integrated data platform
  • Real-time tactical decision making using algorithmic analysis of data
  • Conduct more effective field operations by providing targeted information to rangers
  • Provide data for use in strategic intelligence and trafficking analysis
  • Build a scalable and extensible system deployable at protected areas across Africa

Read about DAS on NatGeo's Wildlife Watch.


Global FinPrint

Vulcan’s Technology team works with field researchers to create tools to assess and catalog tens of thousands of hours of video footage. With shark and ray populations declining rapidly, assessing and analyzing ray and shark survey data is critical for conservationists to identify and protect target species and regions around the world. 

Here are a few of the technical solutions the Vulcan team is building to tackle this problem:

  • Data management system to consolidate data and video for teams across the world
  • Analysis tools to understand the complex relationships in reef systems
  • Annotation tools to inspect, ingest and review over 20,000 hours of video

To watch footage of sharks and rays from all over the world or learn more about the project, visit the Global FinPrint site.

Great Elephant Census (GEC)

GEC transects

Why count elephants? Having accurate and reliable data about elephant population numbers is essential to form long-term conservation management plans. Vulcan Technology built a state-of-the-art system for counting, storing, visualizing, and sharing census data, providing a powerful science-driven way to inform policy and the public about the nature and scope of the elephant poaching crisis.

The system is being adopted by wildlife agencies in Africa as a new standard for storing wildlife survey data. 

The flight data logger built by Vulcan Technology involved:

  • 3-D printing models
  • Hacking the Android kernel
  • Building an app for aerial surveyors from paper to field in three months.
  • Rapid-development delivering a product in three months
  • A published paper in the Association of Computing Machinery’s Development Conference Proceedings

Visit the Great Elephant Census site to learn more.

Sea Around Us

Sea Around Us

Through a partnership with the Sea Around Us team, Vulcan Technology rebuilt the data analysis and visualization platforms to accelerate marine science. The research team can now update, analyze and distribute data faster than ever, connecting researchers and advocates with 60 years' worth of catch reconstructions. 

Check-out a few of the tools and technology Vulcan built:

Visit the Sea Around Us site to learn more.

Expanding Our Efforts

Our efforts continue to grow as the diversity of Vulcan activities and Paul Allen’s interests allows Vulcan Technology to develop a wide array of applications. From developing the next-generation of satellite-launch services to creating mobile applications for NFL and NBA sports teams, the team is creating new technologies that will come to market and make a significant impact on industries as well as individuals. 

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