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Allen Institute For Artificial Intelligence

What if? What if the computer could collaborate with us, explaining our questions more completely and helping us learn more by discussing those answers with us? What if we could create a system that could truly reason, rather than just respond?

The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, recently launched by Paul Allen, is asking the most profound AI "what ifs" of our time and letting top minds dig in to find the answers. Based on the model of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the AI Institute is intended to become a major hub of AI knowledge and research.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to change the way we learn in fundamental ways, and Paul has always seen the potential AI technology holds. For years, Vulcan has invested in AI technology projects. One of its flagship programs is called Aristo (formerly Project Halo). The concept of Aristo is to create a vastly knowledgeable teacher capable of helping people learn, much in the same way the great teacher Aristotle coached his students. Vulcan researchers delved into the possibility of building a “Digital Aristotle” and have since made strides with the concept, applying AI technology to basic textbooks with the goal of providing students a book capable of answering their questions as they read. More information about the Institute can be found here.

Technology & Science

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