Through Stratolaunch, Paul G. Allen is working to expand access to space and ultimately improve the way we live and work.

Inspired by original space heroes like John Glenn and Alan Shepard, Paul G. Allen grew up hoping to one day be an astronaut himself. That early fascination with the new frontier inspired Paul’s significant investments in space flight later in life.

Allen and Vulcan played a key role in forging the new commercial space transportation industry with the investment in SpaceShipOne. The project is considered one of the greatest breakthroughs in the space industry, winning the Ansari X-Prize in 2004. Today, SpaceShipOne is displayed in the Milestones of Flight in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, next to the Wright Flyer, the Spirit of St Louis and the Bell X-1. The success of SpaceShipOne was followed by the emergence of entrepreneurial and private space companies that are now providers within the industry.  

But today, low Earth orbit remains a domain of the few, and the barrier to entry is too high.