By marrying our technology development and storytelling capabilities with our impact-driven philanthropy, we are working to address the current threat of wildlife trafficking, while collecting data that will inform long term strategies to protect endangered species and ensure stable or thriving generations of wild animals.

Foundational Data:  The Great Elephant Census is the first pan-African aerial survey in 40 years, which will provide updated and accurate data about the number and distribution of African savanna elephants. Having accurate and reliable data about elephant population and distribution is crucial to informing immediate protective actions and long-term conservation management plans for governments and NGOs in Africa. 

Innovative Approaches: We support research that applies DNA-based methods pioneered by the University of Washington’s Center for Conservation Biology to identify the sources of seized African elephant ivory. These investigative tools strengthen prosecution and hold countries accountable to better manage ivory stockpiles.

Strengthening Communities: In Zambia, the South Luangwa Conservation Society leverages innovative ways of monitoring ecosystems, rescuing and rehabilitating snared animals, and mitigating human-wildlife conflict. Vulcan supports on the ground efforts to protect wildlife from poaching, human-wildlife conflict and loss of habitat while engaging with the communities who are the direct stewards of their local wildlife. 

Policy Change: Laws and regulation can have a significant impact in protecting wildlife. In Washington State, we sponsored Save Animals Facing Extinction (I-1401) – a voter’s initiative that passed with over 70% of the vote. I-1401 strengthens the penalties and prohibits the sale, purchase and distribution of products made from a list of 10 of the most trafficked and endangered animals. This initiative is a step towards stronger national and international policies needed to protect endangered animals.

Public Engagement: Through Vulcan Productions, the feature documentary "Racing Extinction" exposes the hidden world of extinction with never-before-seen images that will change the way viewers see the planet. Vulcan supports a significant public campaign to enable those who see the film to take action to protect endangered wildlife.


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