Local Commitment


At Vulcan, we’re building with the future in mind. We know that the next generation will need efficient facilities to conserve precious resources and thoughtful design to enliven their surroundings. Reducing harm to the environment is also one of our organization’s goals.

Those guiding principles have spawned a number of initiatives and organizations.

Green Design: Seattle’s South Lake Union is a prominent example of environmentally-conscious urban real estate development. Since 2002, Vulcan has worked in South Lake Union to redevelop industrial sites, increase residential density and provide access to jobs and transit. The massive urban revitalization project has integrated sustainably-constructed life science, office, retail and residential buildings into a walkable urban landscape with access to parks, arts and preserved history. In 2011, South Lake Union was recognized with the first LEED-certified neighborhood plan in Washington state. It’s a world-class community where people live, work and play together in a sustainable urban environment.

Vulcan’s green design standards also extend to the Pacific Northwest’s most prominent sports and entertainment venues: CenturyLink Field, CenturyLink Field Event Center and the WaMu Theater in Seattle and the Moda Center in Portland. The Moda Center, Oregon’s largest entertainment venue and the home of the Portland Trail Blazers, was the first major sports arena to earn LEED Gold Certification. The CenturyLink Field complex, home to the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders FC, is home to Washington state’s largest solar array.  2.5 acres of solar panels soak up the sun’s energy atop the event center, lowering the facility’s energy costs along with its carbon footprint.

Green Sports Alliance: Both CenturyLink Field and the Moda Center are members of the Green Sports Alliance, holding themselves to the highest possible standards of energy efficiency and waste diversion. Formed in 2010 by Paul Allen and Vulcan through a partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Green Sports Alliance is an independent nonprofit aimed at giving teams the resources and support needed to go green, the rapidly growing alliance consists of more than 300 sports teams and venues from 20 different sports leagues and 14 countries. This cross-sports collaboration utilizes group knowledge for everything from implementing recycling programs to saving energy to composting. It strives to make this knowledge a source of team and fan pride.

Clean Technology Investments: We’ve made clean investments a priority for both our for-profit endeavors and impact investing. We have a broad portfolio of clean investments, including new technologies, like bioenergy and geothermal power, which we expect will change the way energy and electricity are generated. 

Local Commitment

Progress starts in our own backyard

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