Local Commitment

Corporate Sponsorships

Vulcan believes we can build a better community by working together.  In addition to collaborating with the community through our business endeavors, Vulcan supports local nonprofits through the sponsorship of events and projects that enrich our city and empower underserved communities.

Through our Corporate Sponsorship program, we contribute to organizations that build and support diverse communities by making tangible improvements in and around the areas they serve. If you are interested in a sponsorship for an event or a project, please read our sponsorship guidelines below to determine if your request aligns with our program.

  • Request for sponsorships must be for community events or special projects associated with a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the Greater Seattle area.   
  • Examples of typical sponsorships include fundraisers, award ceremonies, community celebrations/forums, and work parties for community projects.
  • This program does not sponsor sporting events/tournaments, school trips/events, or capital projects.
  • Organizations are eligible for one Vulcan sponsorship per calendar year.
  • Preference is given to events and projects aligned with at least one of Vulcan’s areas of practice, current projects, and/or geographic reach.
  • Organizations seeking sponsorship support should be responding to an identifiable community need or interest and demonstrate how the event or project will build community in areas served.
  • Sponsorship requests will only be considered when applied through our online application form on Vulcan.com at least 60 days prior to event or project date.

If your event or project aligns with the above criteria, please fill out the online sponsorship application below. Our sponsorship committee evaluates requests once a month.

For more information, email sponsorships@vulcan.com

To apply for a sponsorship, please fill out our  CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP APPLICATION FORM


Local Commitment

Progress starts in our own backyard

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