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Vulcan EarthRanger Expands Around the Globe to Protect Endangered Species

Seattle, WA — Dec 10 2020

In 2017 Vulcan partnered with world leaders in conservation and technology to develop EarthRanger, a data-visualization software to help protected area managers make informed, conservation-related decisions. Nearly three years later, more than 100 sites across 30 countries are working with EarthRanger to monitor their reserves, including tracking the locations of more than 50 endangered and vulnerable species. As the community of users continues to grow so do the use cases, ranging from tracking giraffe populations across sub-Saharan Africa to the alarming rate of deforestation in Cambodia to combating devastating locust swarms throughout East Africa. First developed as an anti-poaching tool, EarthRanger has continuously evolved to meet the needs of those in the field.

The initial development of EarthRanger was largely inspired by the results of the 2016 Great Elephant Census that revealed a 30 percent decline of savannah elephant populations in 18 countries between 2007 and 2014. The effort led by Vulcan involved 90 scientists, 286 flight crew members, and six different NGOs that surveyed nearly 600,000 square miles across 18 different countries. Committed to preserving biodiversity, Vulcan partnered with leading conservationists, protected area managers, governments and NGOs across Africa to discuss how we might be able to help. Together, a technology was developed that later came to be known as EarthRanger.

“We're really proud to contribute a technology solution that addresses the growing needs of our expanded users and their challenges,” said Jes Lefcourt, product lead for EarthRanger at Vulcan. “These are large, complicated problems that are being faced by heroic organizations on the ground. They require as much help as the rest of the world can provide. We take a team approach, partnering with many other organizations to empower conservationists with the combined capabilities of our technologies. EarthRanger provides the centralized view that combines all of these efforts to deliver critical information in real-time.”

On December 10, 2020, representatives from Gorongosa National Park, Giraffe Conservation Foundation, USAID Greening Prey Lang and EarthRanger gathered for an online discussion of their operations and how they have used technology and data to protect endangered wildlife and ecosystems.

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