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We focus on the issues facing oceans, climate, conservation, and communities. Along with partners, our unique approach includes game-changing data and technology, strategic grant making, advocacy, storytelling, and engagement to create lasting impact locally and globally.

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Our oceans face increasing threats from climate change and overfishing that are leading to the collapse of entire ecosystems. Our goal is to expand the world’s understanding of marine ecosystems at the nexus of oceans and climate. With better information, scientists, conservationists, policy makers, enforcers, and the public can more effectively respond to ocean health threats.

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Over a million species are at risk of extinction, largely due to man-made threats including habitat destruction, poaching, human encroachment, invasive species, and climate change. Our goal is to preserve biodiversity, including keystone and iconic species both globally and locally. By protecting wildlife and their habitats, we secure the future of the natural world and our reliance on its key resources for livelihoods, food supplies, tourism, and health.

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Climate change impacts include a steady increase of the Earth’s temperature and extreme weather events, like droughts and floods. We’re optimistic about stabilizing our climate through human ingenuity, accountability, and collaboration. Our goal is to improve the world’s understanding of climate change and its effects. Better data and technologies will inform how we mitigate and adapt to global impacts such as sea level rise, community destruction, and biodiversity loss.

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In the Pacific Northwest and around the world, there are barriers to healthier, more equitable, and more inclusive communities. To achieve our vision of healthier communities, we advocate for policy change, work with partners who share our vision, fund and help implement innovative responses, and work to raise awareness for solutions through storytelling.

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Our Network

Allen Institute

The mission of the Allen Institute is to unlock the complexities of bioscience and advance our knowledge to improve human health. Using an open science, multi-scale, team-oriented approach, the Allen Institute focuses on accelerating foundational research, developing standards and models, and cultivating new ideas to make a broad, transformational impact on science. 

Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence

The mission of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence is to contribute to humanity through high-impact AI research and engineering. AI2 undertakes ambitious projects to drive fundamental advances in science and medicine through AI. The institute seeks to achieve scientific breakthroughs by constructing AI systems with reasoning, learning, and reading capabilities.
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