Our Unique Mission Allows People to Bring Their 'Ands' to Their Roles

Are you looking for an opportunity to do interesting, meaningful work in your community and around the world? Do you want to have the chance to explore a range of topics and hard problems – and make an impact?

Microsoft cofounder Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan is where you come to embrace your ‘And.’ That means opportunities to work across a variety of disciplines, projects, and problems. It means learning about a broader range of subjects than you thought possible. And it means experiencing in just a few days what most people experience in their careers over many years.

If you want to blend your skills and your passions, and develop your career and make an impact; Explore the diversity of opportunities available right now: 

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Everything Vulcan does is in service of making Paul Allen’s vision for a better world into impact.

Films are not just films, they are vehicles of changing the conversation. Real estate is not just property, it’s community. Philanthropy isn’t just grants, it’s developing and executing on ideas that make an impact.

Working at Vulcan can be thrilling and fun, as well as also in service of building a better world. It provides a chance to become a better professional. And a better person.

Learn what we mean when we say, #OnlyAtVulcan and about the unique Benefits & Perks our employees enjoy.